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    Liangjiang Innovative Idea Park gets municipal recognition

    The Super Makers Center was recently recognized as a municipal level makers space, liangjiang. gov.cn reported.

    Located at Liangjiang Innovative Idea Park, the Super Makers Center aims to offer a premium working environment, social network and resource sharing space for makers who aim to establish their own enterprises.

    The center can meet operational business needs of enterprises while serving as an incubator for start-up companies.

    After years of development, the park has become a cluster for makers and entrepreneurs in the cultural creativity industry.

    The first and second phases of the creativity park have finished construction and begun inviting businesses. The third phase of the park is under construction and is expected to be put into operation this June.

    The creativity park has a total area of 220 acres, with a total construction area of 400,000 square meters.

    As early as November 2015, Chongqing Creativity Park was recognized as a cultural creativity demonstration center by the Chongqing Culture Council.

    As a national advertisement Industrial Park, Chongqing Cultural Creativity Park received financial support to build its public service platform. It also enjoyed supportive policies from Chongqing Municipality. Companies in the park will get favorable policies such as tariff exemptions, subsidies in purchasing office buildings and bonuses for talents.

    The park has established a Chongqing Advertisement Institute, a Chongqing Cultural Creativity Fashion Center, and a Chongqing Advertisement Operation. It also offers a Management Trade Center and the Chongqing Advertisement Manufacturing Center to offer professional services to companies in the park.

    The park has brought in human resources, legal consultation and financial institutions to serve its tenants.

    Liangjiang Innovative Idea Park has attracted many famous cultural creativities companies including Jian’ai Papercut and Rongchang pottery. The Chongqing Cultural and Creativity Group will also become established in the park.

    The park is positioned to be a cluster for high-end creativity companies from the education publishing industry, internet publishing, the motion picture industry, and the cultural and creativity industry.

    Liangjiang New Area has launched several other industrial parks to support rapid development of start-up companies and stimulate entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm to invest in the area.

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